True for any workplace, team building is important especially as it facilitates better communication amongst employees, motivates them, promotes creativity, increases trust and develops problem-solving skills.

How better to bond with your teammates than over some tasty treats and… oven mittens?
Time to roll up your sleeves and sink your fists into some dough-loving experience!

Check out the companies who have had a FUN-tabulous time at the teambuilding sessions with SSA Culinary Institute!

Facilitated by Chefs and Associate Chefs of SSA Culinary Institute, this 4-hour session will see teams bake a delicacy of their choice. Participants will work together with their team members to bake them! Teams will also engage in a few activities which will require them to pull all strengths and resources within the team to try to beat the other teams. The winning team will be chosen based on the outcome of their bakes, the activities and the team’s cleanliness.

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